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Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide were riveted to their screens watching the 2013 World Championship series and now that the victory parade is over, many are still amazed at the athlete?s ability to recover between games. For those wondering what the team’s athletic trainers used, John Brown and Miya Haag, the founders of the Pepsom Group actually created one of the secret weapons used – their product Pepsom Sports, the Original Sport Soak which helped with the team’s recovery during those grueling battles and even now, as they recuperate more leisurely. After all, Jay Sabol, head athletic trainer of this former 2012 Championship team had called the Pepsom Group’s corporate office in the midst of the Eastern Conference finals to order about a dozen cases of their product. Brown and Haag were ecstatic, wanting to help with their hometown team?s recovery and believed that another win would bring awareness of the many benefits of their magnesium-sulfate (Epsom salt)


Most viewers of sports events seldom remember that athletic trainers are behind most athletes, and they also deserve standing ovations for keeping their athletes able to perform at their peak. Their job is to protect their health and help them recover quickly from injuries, aching muscles, strains, bruising, and cramps by administering customized treatments. An athlete?s condition and recovery often determines their ability meet their goals, times, performance, and may even affect an entire season.

Hydrotherapy (water therapy) relieves discomfort, promotes physical well-being and is often the foundation of recovery in addition to other treatments. Knowing the key benefits of soaking, Brown and Haag developed this refreshing blend specifically for athletes, weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts of all ages not to mention everyday consumers, as it can be found in the first aid sections of many national retail chains due to Brown?s 30 years of retailer relationships.

When Sabol had called weeks ago to rush another order, Brown loaded up cases normally set aside for investors and made a personal delivery to the American Airlines Arena. Dropping off there is always inspirational because the team’s receptionists and security personnel wear mini-versions of the team?s Championship rings, gifts from their thoughtful team owner. This time Sabol came out to greet and thank the founders. After wishing him and the team the best of luck, Brown and Haag promised to deliver even more cases the following week, which they did.

The trainer?s predecessor Ron Culp has been in the NBA for a record 37 years, the past 20 years with this winning team. He believes in the efficacy of soaking in this magnesium blend and actually recommended the spearmint and wintergreen formula to the company. Culp has since become the company?s Ambassador in order to educate the younger athletic trainers in both professional and collegiate sports about the benefits of soaking in this blend. Culp said ?All I know is, it works!?

Most coaches and athletes know that recovery normally involves soaking, either in ice baths and/or hot tubs of steaming water ? sometimes alternating between the two temperatures. The company wants to spread the word to all trainers and the public. Brown said, ?Magnesium sulfate soaks are known to soothe muscle soreness, reduce swelling, and calm the nervous system.? (The mineral) magnesium is the second most prevalent element in human cells and helps regulate over 325 enzymes, aids in muscle control, electrical impulses between cells, energy production and even the elimination of harmful toxins from the body. (1) Epsom Salt Council

The day after this team won the 2013 World Championship, Culp called Brown and Haag to let them know that he?d just left their training facility where two of the Big Three were soaking in the huge tubs filled with 20 lbs. of this magnesium soak and wished he could have taken that shot. They are in good company. Besides the consumers that know about Pepsom Sports, coaches and athletes such as Gary Uribe of San Jose State (formerly at Auburn University) and Adam Wright of UCLA – 3rd most veteran in the U.S. Olympics Water Polo soak in it regularly to revitalize aching muscles and ease strains. Wright even brought it to London for the team. The Pepsom Group?s blended concept for first aids has revived the entire magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) market, and delivers soothing relief to a multiple of ailments. Now that the secret is out, next year?s playoffs may be even more of a challenge because the competitors will likely also be experiencing the many benefits of this soaking aid.

The Company was pleased to provide this secret weapon to the 2013 World Championship team and would like to thank their athletic trainers for helping the team to accomplish this incredible back-to-back win.

About the Company: The Pepsom Group Inc. is a diverse manufacturer and marketer of health and wellness products, Recipient of ?Emerging Business of the Year? (Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce?s Youtube video ), Best in Class, Top 100 Minority Businesses, based in Miami Florida since 2007, the company is committed to the provision of affordable, beneficial health and wellness products for all through major retail chains such as Walgreens, Supervalu, Kroger, and more. For information, visit and visit us on Facebook.

Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks? or registered

Reston, VA (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

Join iCONECT Development LLC, technology leaders who reach beyond the status quo with an intuitive and flexible document review platform that works the way you think, for ?ePocalypse Now: The 24/7 Work Week, Social Media and The Cloud” on Wednesday, July 17th at 1:00pm EDT. Hosted by Thomas Barnett, Esq., noted eDiscovery expert, this educational webinar will examine how technology is changing our communication, our work and, really, our lives, tracking almost everything we say and do. Tweeting, texting, IMing, and Facebooking aren?t simply forms of communication; they create potential evidence. This thundercloud of comingled personal and work data, on mixed-use devices and often third-party controlled, is COMING SOON to a litigation near you. Are you ready?

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The amount of data in the world is exploding at an unprecedented rate, creating a tidal wave of potentially discoverable information. Attorneys, legal professionals and their clients must not only understand the wave of data heading their way but what can be done to avoid being overwhelmed. Join us on July 17th as we examine relevant issues, including the following:

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

Top automotive trainer and Certified Speaking Professional, Jim ?Alpha Dawg? Ziegler, brings his highly-acclaimed Internet Battle Plan conference back to Las Vegas on August 13, 14th and half day on the 15th. This is Ziegler?s fourteenth Internet Battle Plan, the fourth in Las Vegas and the second time at the newly-renovated Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

Considered to be a highly-respected industry leader and advocate of dealer?s rights, Ziegler is a published author who has been featured in thousands of news and business publications in print across the web. Notorious for assembling the most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the automotive industry for his conference, Ziegler is confident that this Internet Battle Plan is his most powerful lineup of experts to dates. ?Each speaker is hand-picked for their techniques and processes in dealership sales, social media, and technology. Without a doubt, these speakers are the real deal, genuine thought leaders, and a much higher caliber expert than you?ll find at any other automotive seminar or conference.?

Sponsored by Car Woo!, Dealer e-Process, Dealer Socket, TrueCar, CAR-Research XRM, Mouthful Social Media, and POTRATZ , Ziegler?s fourteenth Internet Battle Plan seminar is a collection of the most successful entrepreneurs, consultants and automotive professionals in the industry. Ziegler is joined on stage by seventeen leading automotive industry professionals: Joel Casser, Rachel Haro, Jerry Hart, Peter Martin, Gary May, Cory Mosley, Dave Page, Ralph Paglia, Yago Paramo, Paul Potratz, Ken Potter, Matt Redden, J.D. Rucker, Myril Shaw, Jennifer Sultzaberger, Jerry Thibeau, and Keith Shetterly.

Joel Casser is Business Development Manager for Prestige Volvo, New Jersey?s largest volume Volvo dealership and top five in volume in the country. Joel joined Prestige Volvo in 2008 as Internet Manager, opening up the store?s first real internet department. Joel’s YouTube videos have attracted new car shoppers from 15 states, and used car shoppers from all 48 contiguous states as well as Canada. Integrating video into almost every facet of his operation, Joel uses personalized video greetings, walk around demonstrations, and even video chat to achieve response and closing rates well above the average benchmark for Volvo.

Rachel Haro, Partner & Social Media Strategist at Mouthful Social Media, has over 15 years of marketing experience and has spent the last ten of those working with dealerships across the country on strategic, grass roots, and social media advertising. Rachel?s test drive trainings and custom video email templates have inspired dealerships across the country to personalize their online customer interaction to create offline lead opportunities.

Jerry Hart is President for and is considered one of America’s leading authorities on reputation management. With more than 25 years of experience as principle and founder of several major firms, Jerry is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur in the online reputation management industry who has a proven track record of building online brand strategies, digital and social marketing campaigns, and revenue generation programs.

Peter Martin is President of Cactus Sky Communications, one of the premier email marketing agencies in the country. His company has the ability to deliver email through SPAM filters and track the recipients’ clicks offers clients a huge marketing advantage, and has helped double internet closing ratios for dealers.

Gary May, President/Consultant at Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services focuses on helping dealerships and OEMs with digital marketing, ecommerce, process and branding. Gary’s passion for businesses in the automotive space coincides with his “automotive moves at the speed of retail, not the OEM anymore” mentality and his no-holds barred approach to business management. Featured as a speaker at automotive events including DrivingSales, JD Power & Associates and PCG, a regular blogger and recognized dealer advocate, he and his company focus their strengths and attention on making progressive dealerships unique in a time where there are more constraints being enforced limiting franchises.

Cory Mosley, Founder and Principal of Mosley Automotive Training, has built a reputation by challenging the status quo. His progressive strategies have help dealers across the country build and restructure profitable sales, BDC, and Internet operations. Corey?s monthly column ?Sales Driver? is read by thousands of dealership personnel nationwide, and is known in the automotive industry as the go-to sales strategist, consultant, and trainer.

Dave Page is the Owner & Director of Dealer e-Process, Dave began at a Chicago dealership and his immensely successful strategy prompted a write up from Automotive News, This prompted dealers from all over the country to want to learn about Dave?s successful internet process. As a result, in 2007, he created Dealer e-Process dealership and it has quickly become one of the top website providers in the industry.

Billed as ?The Return of the Jedi? Ralph Paglia is Vice President of Tier10 Marketing, where since January 2011, Ralph has focused on building out Tier10?s digital marketing, advertising, social media and related capabilities. His blueprinted Tier10?s processes delivers digital marketing and advertising services to car dealers and dealer groups which are Tier10 Marketing clients, as well as similar services offered by Automotive Resource Partners affiliates.

Yago Paramo is CEO of Paramo Group, Inc., has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Yago has created numerous data tools to assist sales and marketing, managed hundreds of templates, and worked with companies like AutoNation, Lithia, and Earnhardt. Yago’s systems currently publishes over 500,000 ads a month and has the ability to measure ad opens, ad clicks, phone calls, emails, and more.

Paul Potratz, COO of Potratz Advertising and is a full service automotive advertising agency specializing in integrating the power of digital marketing strategies for retail automotive dealers and dealer groups across the United States and Canada. Paul has been interviewed on digital marketing trends by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NY Post, CBS and several regional newspapers and radio talk shows.

Ken Potter is Vice President of Dealer Development for TrueCar, Inc. Ken Potter oversees TrueCar’s dealer development. Potter’s career in the automotive industry also includes serving as General Manager of two car dealerships, including nearly three years at CarMax.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) July 04, 2013

IXACT Contact?s homepage redesign helps the real estate CRM firm provide its prospects with a top-notch experience once on the site and aids them in their buying decision as much as possible.

The updated homepage features a main banner that has a brighter, more eye-catching look than before, and fits better with the overall design of the site. The banner, which was formerly a burgundy color, has been replaced with a white, grey, and blue gradient design. The company?s new overview video has been placed on the banner, which gives REALTORS

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Boost Software understands how frustrating it can be for average computer users to understand difficult instructions or hard to follow manuals. This is the reason Boost Software developed a tutorial center on YouTube addressing an assortment of commonly-used questions and concerns.

DriverBoost is a Boost Software product that keeps more than 3,000 drivers, such as Windows XP drivers and Realtek drivers, updated on customers’ computers. Boost Software’s new YouTube video makes it easy to install DriverBoost and keep drivers updated automatically.

Outdated drivers, such as Windows XP drivers or Logitech drivers, can slow down a computer and keep users from realizing all of a device’s or a program’s new features.

DriverBoost software helps keep Sony Vaio drivers updates and regularly maintains more than 3,000 different drivers available for updates. The company also recognizes that not all computers have outdated drivers that need updated.

Like most programs, customers need a license key to open the program and install it on their computers.

Lose the key and you lose access, or so most customers think. Actually, Boost Software can easily replace a lost license key.

The DriverBoost YouTube channel has a video to show customers how easy that process can be. Boost Software’s new video shows how to request a new license key replace a lost DriverBoost license key.

If a customer wants to uninstall their DriverBoost product and request a refund, Boost Software makes it simple, both in the way the program is configured and with the YouTube video that walks customers through the process, step-by-step.

Boston-based Boost Software was founded in 2008 and markets a variety of software packages for home and business PC and MAC users, both through direct sales and via affiliates. PCHealthBoost, the company’s newest package is an affordable program that eliminates registry corruption, screen freeze and other problems, thus “boosting” computer response times.

Award-winning DriverBoost delivers a powerful punch by updating all system drivers automatically, using official drivers obtained directly from the manufacturer. StartupBoost is a free program that dramatically decreases the time it takes for your computer to re-boot.

We are always looking for advertising and partnership opportunities and anyone wanting to meet with us may reach using the contact us link provided.

Boost Software, INC

Erin Walsh, Director of Public Relations

75 Arlington St. Suite 500

Boston, MA 02116

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

Cash Machines 2.0 is a new online marketing product which is aimed at getting visitors and thereby converting traffic into sales. It becomes crucial to get detailed Cash Machines 2.0 review to understand the product and its usability. The member’s area of this product consists of the following:

1) Welcome Video

2) Webinar Signup

3) Strategy Session

4) Claim Website

5) CM2 Profit Center (5 licences)

6) Traffic Machines

7) Instant CM2 software

8) Tube ranker pro software

9) Bonuses

There are clear-cut video instructions inside the member’s area of the product. The product has been created for fresh affiliate marketers, hence it comes with “ready to promote” websites. One can also put up additional content on these sites and then start promoting them as per the video instructions.

The Cash Machines software has been made web based so that it becomes simpler to use. Also, there is a contact link for people who might face any problems regarding usage of the software. The webinar link is also provided inside Cash Machines to provide an extra edge to the buyers by making them aware of new marketing strategies. The Tube Ranker Pro software is made especially to get visitors from video sites. There are some additional bonuses which would provide extra value to the core product.

Some of the popular marketing websites like have also come up with the review of this product along with sites like The overall working of Cash Machines 2.0 is based on getting traffic from various sites and utilizing it to get affiliate sales. To make the entire process simple, each of the sections comes with detailed instructions to set up the software and to carry on associated steps required for proper functioning.

To make sure that you get the original product, buy from the official link.

To know more on cash machines 2.0, visit here.

(PRWEB) June 29, 2013

Illinois CancerCare, P.C. is one of only seven community oncology practices in the country recognized by the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) for improving cancer care through high-quality clinical trials programs. In 2012, Illinois CancerCare, P.C. enrolled over 300 patients in clinical trials, giving them the opportunity to receive cutting-edge cancer therapies. Illinois CancerCare, P.C. currently has around 100 ongoing clinical trials in over 28 different cancer types, including breast, lung, colon and leukemia. Illinois CancerCare, P.C. is one of only a few community oncology practices in the country to receive this award twice.

?As physicians, our number one goal is to provide our patients with the best possible care available. In 2012, almost 10% of our patients participated in cancer clinical trials,? said Sachdev P. Thomas, MD, Physician Director of Clinical Research and Pharmacy Services. Illinois CancerCare is honored to have been chosen for this award.?

The Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Clinical Trials Participation Award (CTPA) was established in 2003 by ASCO as part of the Clinical Trials Task Force?s strategic plan to increase clinical trial awareness and participation by physicians. The award was designed to recognize and promote high-quality clinical research sites in order to further the impact of oncology research and has been supported by the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups through the Conquer Cancer Foundation for 11 consecutive years.

?The Conquer Cancer Foundation and ASCO are pleased to honor Illinois CancerCare, P.C. with the Clinical Trials Participation Award for providing patients with access to high-quality clinical research that contributes towards progress against cancer,? said W. Charles Penley, MD, FASCO, Chair of the Conquer Cancer Foundation Board of Directors.

This year?s award recipients were selected based on several factors, including patient accrual to clinical trials. Special consideration was given to practices that increased clinical trial participation among underrepresented populations, as well as practices that use innovative techniques to overcome barriers to the enrollment of cancer patients in clinical trials. Clinical research staff at Illinois CancerCare spend additional time with patients interested in learning more about participation in a cancer clinical trial as they continue the consent process usually begun by the physician-investigators. As a means to expand this process outside of Peoria, video conferencing using Skype is made available at the Ottawa and Bloomington clinic sites for staff to interact with patients about potential studies.

Additionally, iPads are utilized by patients during their office/treatment visits to gather important information to better identify cancer care disparities and optimize cancer care delivery. The Research Department partnered with the Illinois CancerCare Foundation to develop the Clinical Trials Advocacy Program to educate the community about the importance of clinical trials and to debunk myths and misconceptions.

In addition to being a community leader in providing patients access to clinical trials, Illinois CancerCare, P.C. also offers patients cancer care and treatment from a compassionate, skilled, and dedicated professional staff. Illinois CancerCare, P.C. also provides patients and their families access to nutritional, counseling, and psychosocial support services.

For more information on participating in a clinical trial at Illinois CancerCare, P.C. contact Jamie Harper, Clinical Research Manager at 309.243.3618 or jharper(at)illinoiscancercare(dot)com. For a complete list of available clinical trials, visit

About Illinois CancerCare:

Illinois CancerCare is one of the largest practices in the state of Illinois that treats patients with cancer and blood diseases. It provides state of the art treatments to its patients against these complex diseases by staying at the leading edge of clinical research. Illinois CancerCare is central Illinois? largest network of cancer care specialists with 90-120 open clinical cancer research trials being conducted at any given time. The group has been recognized by the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI

ST. LOUIS (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Barnes-Jewish Hospital published its first-ever, digital annual report today at The 2012 Report to the Community for Barnes-Jewish Hospital focuses on how the organization keeps in touch with the pulse of the St. Louis community through backing from The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital. The exclusively digital report is easy to access and share on Internet-ready devices, anywhere.

?Our mission is to take exceptional care of people,? says Rich Liekweg, president of Barnes-Jewish Hospital and group president of BJC HealthCare. ?This report shares a few examples of how we excel in patient care, both inside and outside the medical center campus, and how the effect of donations from those who give to the Foundation impacts our region.?

The report features stories, photos and videos, which provide snapshots of how the hospital has supported its patients, their families and the community?whether through a donated cab ride home or the latest medical breakthrough. Each element of the new report can be shared via social media platforms.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital?s 2012 Report to the Community is available in an iPad- and smartphone-compatible format at For more information about Barnes-Jewish Hospital, visit

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is a 1,315 bed teaching hospital affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Mo. The hospital has a 1,763 member medical staff, with many recognized as Best Doctors in America. Barnes-Jewish is a member of BJC HealthCare, which provides a full range of health care services through its 13 hospitals and more than 100 health care sites in Missouri and Illinois. U.S. News & World Report consistently recognizes Barnes-Jewish and Washington University in its elite Honor Roll of Best Hospitals, with a current ranking of sixth in the nation.

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Menomonie, WI (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

StrandVision Digital Signage has enhanced its digital signage “proof of playback” feature for its electronic signage customers. Proof of playback enables StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers to record, collect and analyze both the display frequency and duration of selected digital signage content pages, images, database records and videos. The enhancements include easier tracking selection for administrators and additional reporting capabilities.

The feature is ideal for companies and organizations that sell advertising on their digital media player displays that want or need to audit pages in order to certify that the particular digital signage content has been displayed, as well as for billing purposes.

Proof of playback is also valuable for employee communication of benefits and other human resources announcements to certify that necessary information is shared with employees during enrollment periods and to ensure that other regulatory or contractual communications requirements are met. Business marketing applications in specific industries, such as real estate, enable agents to let clients know the broadcast frequency of their listings as part of their overall marketing campaigns.

The proof of playback digital sign feature is easy to use. After creating a page on StrandVision’s Content Management System (CMS) the administrator simply goes to the proof of playback area on the site and selects the digital signage content to be tracked. The StrandVision system immediately begins tabulating the display data for the selected information. In addition to electronic signage pages, specific images, videos and user defined database records can also be tracked.

For large electronic sign networks with multiple groups of display screens, proof of playback can be set to report page displays by group. Proof of playback also tracks page frequency on the customer’s website if the system is set to take advantage of this digital signage media player capability.

Reports can be viewed on the StrandVision content management portal and the raw data can also be downloaded as source data for invoices, graphs, presentations and reports.

“Our customers tell us that the proof of playback capability is a helpful tool to generate revenue from their digital media networks,” said Mike Strand, StrandVision founder and CEO. “It’s also a way for them to fully realize the potential of their StrandVision Digital Signage to support advertising and become an integral part of their overall employee communications mix. We’re sure that our customers will find many other creative ways to use the power of the proof of playback feature.”

Proof of playback is available immediately as a free digital signage capability for all StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers with streaming video and higher packages.

About StrandVision


StrandVision LLC, based in Menomonie, Wisconsin, delivers low-cost, Web-based digital signage software through a patented Software as a Service (SaaS) approach that delivers content to subscribers’ LCD flat panel screens, as well as computer screens and websites. StrandVision’s service distributes text and graphics pages, video content and national and local weather and news. It is ideal for many large and small business marketing applications, including medical and dental offices (patient education); banks, retailers and industrial distributors (video merchandising); education (student communication, staff and visitor information); employee break rooms (employee communication of events and benefits); nonprofit and religious organizations (member and supporter communication).

StrandVision also offers, a fully digital, high-definition (HD) video extender to connect a computer to a television over long distances for use with digital signage and many other applications. StrandVision Digital Signage services and are available directly from StrandVision and through registered affiliates and system integrators. Additional information about StrandVision Digital Signage is available at, 715-235-7446 or by email.

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Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

DIRECTV, one of the world?s leading providers of digital television entertainment services, is becoming a frontrunner in alternative fuel adoption with plans to expand its propane autogas fueled fleet. The company currently operates 77 ROUSH CleanTech Ford E-250 propane autogas vans and will increase that number over the next year.

DIRECTV will display a propane autogas vehicle at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center today through Thursday in the ROUSH CleanTech booth No. 419.

After comparing alternative fuel options, DIRECTV chose propane autogas due to its low cost and accessibility of fuel; vehicle return on investment; domestic nature of the fuel source and vehicle supply chain; and accessibility to high occupancy vehicle lanes.

?The addition of more propane autogas fueled vehicles to the DIRECTV fleet strengthens our commitment to reducing the company?s overall gasoline usage,? said Brandon Morris, director of Fleet Services for DIRECTV. ?We have learned a lot from analyzing our current propane fleet, and the benefits we are seeing from using propane as an alternative to gasoline include the lower cost of propane, ease of implementation, distribution network, and the high quality conversion kit produced by ROUSH CleanTech.?

By using propane autogas, DIRECTV installers and service technicians in Southern California can take advantage of the largest public refueling network of any alternative fuel in the nation. Since its propane autogas vehicle deployment in November 2011, DIRECTV has reduced gasoline consumption by 75,000 gallons and saved nearly 50 percent on a cost per gallon basis compared to gasoline.

?For over a year and a half, DIRECTV?s service vans fueled by reliable, cost-competitive propane autogas have met the company?s goals ? to cut back on high-priced gasoline with the use of a domestic, cleaner fuel solution,? said Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech. ?With DIRECTV?s plan to increase the size of its propane autogas fleet, they?ll experience even greater cost-savings with this alternative fuel technology and further strengthen their position as a leader in alternative fuel initiatives.?

As a Tier 1 supplier and Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier manufacturer, ROUSH CleanTech?s propane autogas vehicles retain the same quality Ford performance characteristics, such as horsepower, torque and towing. The vehicles also meet Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certification requirements.

# # #


DIRECTV (NASDAQ: DTV) is one of the world?s leading providers of digital television entertainment services delivering a premium video experience through state-of-the-art technology, unmatched programming and industry leading customer service to more than 35 million customers in the U.S. and Latin America. In the U.S., DIRECTV offers its over 20 million customers access to more than 190 HD channels and Dolby-Digital