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Memphis Tennessee (PRWEB) May 18, 2013

Every company anticipates its financial report for a particular time period especially after expending efforts on marketing and improving its services. Cash for Cars Quick service in Memphis is a popular and well-known name in the field of used automotive buyers that recently came forward with its first-quarter 2013 earnings report. According to the results, the company made a remarkable progress during this time period with increased sales and a large number of car sellers added to its clientele. The huge success has been received with open arms by all partners and affiliates who have been working with the company to improve the services offered by this renowned car disposal company in the United States. There are a number of issues to address when it comes to proper and eco-friendly automotive waste management. For handling all these issues, a number of automobile recycling and disposal companies have come into existence throughout the United States. Cash for Cars Quick is a service offering car disposal services to its clients by providing them with a good return in exchange of a junk and unusable car. This practice has also been introduced to stop people from abandoning their unwanted old vehicles on public and private property. Looking at the growing number of deserted vehicles in Memphis and its surrounding districts, the company started delivering its services with more zest and effectiveness. To find out how to sell a junk car in Memphis TN, or to speak with someone from the local branch visit, http://www.memphistncashforcars.com.

Recently the Memphis car buyer came forward with its first quarter earnings report for the year 2013. These results were being awaited by the local partners to see how the company is doing in its efforts to ensure an automobile-hazard free environment. The report has proved that the company?s performance has been remarkable during this time period attracting a large number of car sellers into its clientele as well as many new affiliates who want to work with the auto buyer for the betterment and upgrading of the services offered by Cash for Cars Quick. The numbers almost doubled from last year?s first quarter earnings showing a remarkable leap. The report was made public with the financial data so that all partners could see and remove any doubts about the company?s performance from their minds. The representatives who presented the report were thrilled to announce these results, and stated that such a rise in earnings was expected. The use of a local SEO company has seemed to really make a difference in driving new business to the company. But for the most part, they gave credit to the customers of Cash for Cars Quick for this remarkable success, but also admitted that their own marketing efforts had been commendable during these past months that greatly helped in the promotion of the company.

The company is also popular because of its connection with social media and the way it manages to retain its customers by getting in touch with them on a personal level. Their recent endeavors include a very useful and informative video launched on YouTube that explains the process of selling a junk in Memphis quickly and lucratively. In addition to this, their Facebook fan page personalized for all major cities of the US, is gaining widespread popularity because of the quality and usefulness of information it offers. To find out about all the services the local office offers, contact the corporate office for details.

Cashforcarsquick.com is a well-known name in the area of auto waste management and proper car disposal in various cities of the United States. The company offers tailored services to its clients in the form of car sellers who are looking to sell off their junk and unwanted cars for a good amount of cash. Since the company offers high returns on exchanging a totally unusable car, many people have already contacted them for an instant price quote guarantee. Cash for Cars Quick offers many other value-added services including a car pick-up service and transfer of title and ownership so that that owner doesn’t have to worry about these tiresome steps involved in selling a car. To find out how easy is can be to get cash for junk cars Memphis service from the local office call 888-728-7177.

The top SEO company is currently being are used by Cash for Cars Quick to assist in promoting the message about the importance of using reputable cash for cars Memphis Tennessee service, if someone is considering selling their car or truck. Cash for Cars Quick continues its online presence by offering an instant quote over the phone, and regularly posts auto recycling information on the company blog and social media pages. This information along with instant pricing the company hopes to attract more Memphis Tennessee residents looking to sell their vehicle. To read more on the company?s local Facebook page visit, http://www.facebook.com/CashForCarsMemphis

About the Company: Cashforcarsquick.com is a growing cash for junk cars service that offers junk car recycling and that provides a high return to the car and truck owners in Memphis Tennessee and throughout the United States. The company and its partners follow environmentally friendly disposal practices to safeguard the future of the planet. To learn more about the Memphis service visit the company website, http://cashforcarsquick.com/Cash-For-Cars-Memphis


William Leonard

Phone: 888-862-3001

Email: info(at)cashforcarsquick(dot)com

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Sunnyvale, California (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

The holidays are a time of festivities and family gatherings, but for those with dementia, they can be packed with hazards and surprises. Pathways Home Health & Hospice has a special program for their hospice patients who have dementia. As part of this program, Pathways Hospice has published seasonal tips on how to keep patients, caregivers, and family members calmer and safer during a visit.

Pathways Home Health & Hospice provides tips on planning, decorating, festivities, visitors, activities, kitchen safety, shopping and travel. These can help families, caregivers and patients have a holiday visit that is pleasant for all including the person with dementia.

People with dementia need routines?the same activities, in the same place, at the same time. Families should keep this in mind when taking a loved one home for the holiday. The excitement, the car ride, change in surroundings and many people talking can cause the confused person with dementia to become agitated or upset.


Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

Online auction site eBid (http://www.ebid.net) has compiled some of the most surprising, inspiring and valuable finds of 2012. From garage sales, thrift stores and their own attics, average people continue to stumble upon treasures right under their noses.

1) While cleaning his late aunt’s house in Ohio this June, Karl Kissner discovered a bundle of baseball cards over 100 years old in a cardboard box. These mint-condition cards of Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Honus Wagner, and other historical greats has been called “the most significant find in the history of the hobby,” by Chris Ivy of Heritage Auctions. The cards have been valued at more than $ 3 million and Mr. Kissner believes they were owned by his grandfather who may have used them to help promote his butcher shop. Mr. Kissner commented, “When I opened the will, my Aunt had put little hand written notes in it, ok. And one of the little notes in it was, ‘Karl, as you go through the house you will find things you never knew existed.’ Could not have been a truer statement.”

2) Early in the year, an 81-year old South Carolina man – who is only willing to be identified by his middle name, “Leroy” – bought a painting for $ 3 at Goodwill. Having a good eye, he thought it might be worth “a couple hundred dollars” so he had it appraised. Turns out, it originated from a Flemish school in Amsterdam and was painted around 1650. The painting sold at auction in March for $ 190,000.

3) Harv Bennett, of Pomona, CA was very happy to have saved an Atari 2600 game cartridge with its box and manual for more than 25 years. Considered the rarest of video games, his copy of “Air Raid” sold at auction in November for $ 33,433. The game is considered rare because it’s believed that less than 20 were ever produced – because it was so boring. Mr. Bennett had worked decades ago at a discount store where the game’s sales representative came in to persuade him to stock it. He gave Bennett a sample copy and when Bennett told him he didn’t think it would work for the store, the rep told him (probably further discouraged) that he could keep it.

4) In May, at the Volunteers of America thrift store in Columbus, OH, Zach Bodish paid $ 14 for what he assumed was a reproduction Picasso poster advertising a 1958 Picasso ceramics show. Examining it further when he got home though, Bodish soon got a shock when he realized some red marks in the poster’s corner could be Picasso’s own signature and the poster proved to be an authentic original. He sold the print to a private buyer for $ 7,000.

5) Beth Feeback, a North Carolina resident bought a $ 10 abstract painting at Goodwill. She was going to paint over it, but her friends urged her to Google some of the names on back, “Weatherspoon Art Gallery” and “Ilya Bolotowsky”. She soon learned that Bolotowsky was a well-known abstract painter who had fled Russia in the early 20th century and the painting titled “Vertical Diamond” is valued at around $ 20,000.

6) In August, Chattanooga, TN resident Stephon Tull was cleaning out his father’s attic in Chattanooga when he stumbled onto something startling: an audio reel labeled, “Dr. King interview, Dec. 21, 1960.” It turned out to be a never-before-heard interview with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an amazing piece of history but also one with monetary value, as it was sold to a private collector for an undisclosed sum.

7) In October, a novice treasure hunter in bought his first-ever metal detector from a shop in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. Later that day, he returned carrying 40 gold Roman coins asking “What should I do with these?” The shop owners were stunned and returned with him to the site in the woods bringing their own equipment. They ultimately found 119 more coins in the cache, for a total value of more than

Caledonia, MI (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

The hospitality and tourism market relies heavily on television and print advertising to reach consumers. Yet those types of tourism marketing are immensely expensive, particularly for smaller facilities that don?t have huge advertising budgets. Many recreational facilities, such as family-owned waterparks, hotels, spas, theme parks and family fun centers, are restricted in what media they can use to promote themselves.

In the age of YouTube, however, just about anyone with a smart phone can produce a video for immediate upload. As such, these businesses are finding a vast audience of interested customers?many of them teens with lots of time on their hands and who love to spend hours surfing the web?who are more than willing to watch an online mini movie and then share it with their social networks.

To help these hospitality and tourism marketing businesses reach more potential guests and show off the fun, thrilling and adrenaline-spiking attractions they offer, The Organization For Exceptional Hospitality (http://www.EHospa.org) is sponsoring a YouTube contest that highlights the industry?s most-engaging recreation and hospitality videos.

EHospa is an international business-development trade organization for hospitality and recreation-related suppliers and practitioners. EHospa uses its considerable assets in media, sales and marketing, public relations and advertising to promote the unique characteristics and strengths of each of its members with the goal of generating more business with positive return on investment. EHospa is affiliated with RESORT AND RECREATION, a business magazine and website that serves a community of more than 80,000 hospitality and tourism marketing professionals at the world?s finest properties, including destination resorts, spas and hotels, resort-residential facilities, fitness/golf/country clubs, waterparks and community recreation centers. RESORT AND RECREATION recently expanded into the consumer marketplace with the launch of MyResortLIFE.com, a website dedicated to generating online bookings for high-end lodging and recreation facilities. MyResortLIFE.com is sponsoring the YouTube contest.

Ron Anger, President of EHospa, and Editorial Director of MyResortLIFE.com and RESORT AND RECREATION (as well as sister site RandRBizPRO.com), says the organization wants to help facilities find new ways to promote their properties and services.

?We?re encouraging facilities of all sizes and with a wide variety of attractions and services to send us their most engaging promotional videos,? he explains. ?We?ll upload them to our RESORT AND RECREATION YouTube channel so consumers will have an easy place to view them, and then our team will choose its favorite hospitality and tourism marketing video as the winner.?

The winning property will receive a free two-night vacation (a $ 400 value), as well as a free one-year Corporate Premium membership in EHospa (a $ 189 value). The membership package will include a Premium listing on MyResortLIFE.com, social media posts (on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube), editorial coverage in Adventures Magazine and more.

Even if a facility doesn?t have a video to enter in the contest, Anger says they can get help from EHospa to create one. ?Just contact a member of our staff, and we?ll connect you with some affordable options to help you develop your digital promotion,? he adds.

To be eligible to win the contest, entrants must ?like? the MyResortLIFE Facebook page, share their video on the MyResortLIFE Facebook page (and include a reference to the ?YouTube Contest? in their post) and join the organization?s LinkedIn group.

The contest is scheduled to end just after the first of the year in 2013.

To view the current entrants, visit the RESORT AND RECREATION YouTube channel.



MyResortLIFE.com is consumers? best source for exhilarating recreation, adventure outings and engaging travel, all delivered with exceptional hospitality! Consumers can explore all their options by searching destination regions, activities or the site?s expert articles database.

EHospa.org is an international business-development trade organization for hospitality and recreation-related suppliers and practitioners.

RESORT AND RECREATION is a business magazine and website that serves a community of more than 80,000 hospitality professionals at the world?s finest properties, including destination resorts, spas and hotels, resort-residential facilities, fitness/golf/country clubs, waterparks and community recreation.

RandRBizPro.com is the online portal for RESORT AND RECREATION magazine.

For additional information, contact:

Ron Anger

President/Executive Director

P.O. Box 378

Caledonia, MI 49316

Phone: 616.891.5747

Fax: 616.891.5669


Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Recovering from Panda penalties has been a mystery for most webmasters that are yet to figure out the intricacies of this latest search algorithm from Google. Rick Porter, the noted internet marketing consultant, has offered a new post on his website providing a few practical easy to assess tips for website owners to figure out how part of this process works. It may be recalled that Google Panda was released in February 2011, and it is said that very little can be done once a site is penalized by Panda because most people don’t know what their penalty is for. In his latest post, Rick Porter mentions that a site can be penalized due to many variables but gives some quick tips on a couple of things that can be quickly checked.

Mr. Porter suggests that some of the most common reasons behind Panda for affiliate marketers is the absence of legal pages like FTC statement, disclaimer, about, TOS, etc. in a website. Moreover, Google’s way of assessing websites varies a great deal depending on the type of website. Putting up all necessary pages keeps the site safe from being penalized for the absence of these pages and in some case can even increase rankings. He also informs that every website owner must be well acquainted with their user metrics like pages visited, bounce rate, and time spent on site. The metrics recommended for fixing Panda are mentioned in his latest blog post.

According to Mr. Porter, Google makes it very difficult to figure out what actually improves the ranking of a site by making refreshes every four to six weeks. All these and much more have been discussed in detail, in his new post. A two hour long video presentation by Eric Lancheres has also been included in this post to offer a thorough understanding of this highly discussed topic.

It is relevant to mention here that Mr. Porter is about to host a webinar on the 6th of December, and those interested in knowing more about Google Panda may enroll for the webinar by visiting http://rickporter.org/shockingly-effective-seo-strategy-webinar

To read the entire post and see the detailed video presentation from Rick Porter, please visit



Rick Porter

Email: rickporter(at)rickporter(dot)org

Website: http://rickporter.org/

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

With the current economic downturn, a lot of people are looking for ways to create more income for themselves and their families. One of the most popular strategies being applied today is setting up a home business and start working from home. This is the subject of the latest video coming from secret millionaire Jeff Usner. In the new video uploaded on JeffUsner.com, the internet millionaire educates thousands of hopefuls on how to simplify internet marketing and start working from home.

According to the author of Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Success, the problem with most people is that they make internet marketing hard for themselves when there are really basic and simple steps to make it work. There may be all kinds of complicated material online telling people of complicated processes that is way above their heads on how to start earning money through the internet but at the end of it, it all boils down to doing the basics and performing them well.

Jeff Usner says, ?In the book, I talk about Millionaire Marketing Fundamental Number 2 says? Find where you audience is and get in front of them. This is key to traffic.? Whatever business you start from home using the internet as a venue, it is important to remember that the internet is a never ending space of information. There is so much to see, so many options available for the target market that the goal for any business owner is to make sure that the business you have is the first one that they see or come across over and above everything else. The exposure is the first step to making money.

The internet millionaire instructs aspiring business owners to pin down the most important questions and provide the answers for them in the context of their business. ?Where?s your audience? Where are they at? Are they on Facebook? Are they searching for you? Are they on Google? Yahoo? Are they on Pinterest? Are they on some other website? Are they down the street at the local store? Where are your clients at??

The answer to this question is the beginning of the marketing campaign. Jeff adds, ?Any marketing really, the first question is where is your audience and then the second question is how do I get in front of them. It?s really that simple and it is something that we do every day. I use reverse engineering to do that but we also find other traffic sources that others aren?t doing because we start asking ourselves these questions.?

There are several ways to find the target market of the business that you have. Research is a very valuable tool to employ in this scenario. In his other instructional videos located at JeffUsner.com, Jeff reveals how this is done effectively and powerfully. In his latest company, ProfitHub.com, this is also a concept that the internet millionaire and his Profit Hub team discusses exclusively to its members.


Jeff Usner is a leading online marketer, business consultant, mentor, and philanthropist. He has created numerous successful companies online and has been coming up with events and products that will help and train other marketers to do the same. His specialty is designing systems and processes that transform ordinary businesses into big money making successes immediately. Both new and old businesses benefit from his strategies and he is a living proof to the effectiveness of what he teaches.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Fans of the Amazon and iTunes top rated Wubbzy?s Pirate Treasure and the recently released Disco Dancin? Wubbzy and Kooky Kostume Kreator WubbGames apps will be excited to experience Wubbzy?s Space Adventure, the latest storybook app inspired by the award-winning Nick Jr. TV series ?Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2012

With strong and steady economic growth over the past several decades, China has developed into the second-largest advertising market in the world. Over the past five years, revenue for the Advertising Agency industry in China has been growing 15.7% annually, says IBISWorld. The industry is set to generate $ 56.9 billion in 2012, up 16.6% from 2011.

Although the Advertising Agencies industry as a whole has maintained rapid growth, some localized advertising markets have become stagnant. This is due to local advertising companies being geographically scattered and small in scale. Most companies in this industry are controlled by private owners with limited funds and market reach, which contributes to the industry’s low market share concentration level. Small localized firms are unable to provide the high-quality services generally required of this industry; large advertising clients are more likely to choose large domestic companies with well-established networks, like Shanghai Advertising and AVIC Culture, or foreign-owned companies with extensive experience, design and innovation capabilities, such as Saatchi and Saatchi and Leo Burnett.

With strong national policy support for the Advertising Agencies industry in China, revenue growth is expected to remain steady, says IBISWorld. Although new advertising channels such as search engines, websites and billboards have become growth points for the industry, TV advertising will continue to be the most important media due to its wide coverage and national reach.

For more information, visit IBISWorld?s Advertising Agencies in China industry report page.

Follow IBISWorld on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/IBISWorld

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IBISWorld industry Report Key Topics

The Advertising Agencies industry in China creates advertising campaigns for clients and places these advertisements in periodicals, newspapers, billboards, shop windows, the internet, radio, television, airports, railway stations, bus shelters and other media. Firms provide a range of services, including consulting, creative talent services, advertising material production and media planning. This industry does not include video production or advertising models.

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About IBISWorld Inc.

Recognized as the nation?s most trusted independent source of industry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of unique information and analysis on every US industry. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, the company equips clients with the insight necessary to make better business decisions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorld serves a range of business, professional service and government organizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.ibisworld.com or call 1-800-330-3772.

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