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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

Top automotive trainer and Certified Speaking Professional, Jim ?Alpha Dawg? Ziegler, brings his highly-acclaimed Internet Battle Plan conference back to Las Vegas on August 13, 14th and half day on the 15th. This is Ziegler?s fourteenth Internet Battle Plan, the fourth in Las Vegas and the second time at the newly-renovated Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

Considered to be a highly-respected industry leader and advocate of dealer?s rights, Ziegler is a published author who has been featured in thousands of news and business publications in print across the web. Notorious for assembling the most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the automotive industry for his conference, Ziegler is confident that this Internet Battle Plan is his most powerful lineup of experts to dates. ?Each speaker is hand-picked for their techniques and processes in dealership sales, social media, and technology. Without a doubt, these speakers are the real deal, genuine thought leaders, and a much higher caliber expert than you?ll find at any other automotive seminar or conference.?

Sponsored by Car Woo!, Dealer e-Process, Dealer Socket, TrueCar, CAR-Research XRM, Mouthful Social Media, and POTRATZ , Ziegler?s fourteenth Internet Battle Plan seminar is a collection of the most successful entrepreneurs, consultants and automotive professionals in the industry. Ziegler is joined on stage by seventeen leading automotive industry professionals: Joel Casser, Rachel Haro, Jerry Hart, Peter Martin, Gary May, Cory Mosley, Dave Page, Ralph Paglia, Yago Paramo, Paul Potratz, Ken Potter, Matt Redden, J.D. Rucker, Myril Shaw, Jennifer Sultzaberger, Jerry Thibeau, and Keith Shetterly.

Joel Casser is Business Development Manager for Prestige Volvo, New Jersey?s largest volume Volvo dealership and top five in volume in the country. Joel joined Prestige Volvo in 2008 as Internet Manager, opening up the store?s first real internet department. Joel’s YouTube videos have attracted new car shoppers from 15 states, and used car shoppers from all 48 contiguous states as well as Canada. Integrating video into almost every facet of his operation, Joel uses personalized video greetings, walk around demonstrations, and even video chat to achieve response and closing rates well above the average benchmark for Volvo.

Rachel Haro, Partner & Social Media Strategist at Mouthful Social Media, has over 15 years of marketing experience and has spent the last ten of those working with dealerships across the country on strategic, grass roots, and social media advertising. Rachel?s test drive trainings and custom video email templates have inspired dealerships across the country to personalize their online customer interaction to create offline lead opportunities.

Jerry Hart is President for eReputationBUILDER.com and is considered one of America’s leading authorities on reputation management. With more than 25 years of experience as principle and founder of several major firms, Jerry is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur in the online reputation management industry who has a proven track record of building online brand strategies, digital and social marketing campaigns, and revenue generation programs.

Peter Martin is President of Cactus Sky Communications, one of the premier email marketing agencies in the country. His company has the ability to deliver email through SPAM filters and track the recipients’ clicks offers clients a huge marketing advantage, and has helped double internet closing ratios for dealers.

Gary May, President/Consultant at Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services focuses on helping dealerships and OEMs with digital marketing, ecommerce, process and branding. Gary’s passion for businesses in the automotive space coincides with his “automotive moves at the speed of retail, not the OEM anymore” mentality and his no-holds barred approach to business management. Featured as a speaker at automotive events including DrivingSales, JD Power & Associates and PCG, a regular blogger and recognized dealer advocate, he and his company focus their strengths and attention on making progressive dealerships unique in a time where there are more constraints being enforced limiting franchises.

Cory Mosley, Founder and Principal of Mosley Automotive Training, has built a reputation by challenging the status quo. His progressive strategies have help dealers across the country build and restructure profitable sales, BDC, and Internet operations. Corey?s monthly column ?Sales Driver? is read by thousands of dealership personnel nationwide, and is known in the automotive industry as the go-to sales strategist, consultant, and trainer.

Dave Page is the Owner & Director of Dealer e-Process, Dave began at a Chicago dealership and his immensely successful strategy prompted a write up from Automotive News, This prompted dealers from all over the country to want to learn about Dave?s successful internet process. As a result, in 2007, he created Dealer e-Process dealership and it has quickly become one of the top website providers in the industry.

Billed as ?The Return of the Jedi? Ralph Paglia is Vice President of Tier10 Marketing, where since January 2011, Ralph has focused on building out Tier10?s digital marketing, advertising, social media and related capabilities. His blueprinted Tier10?s processes delivers digital marketing and advertising services to car dealers and dealer groups which are Tier10 Marketing clients, as well as similar services offered by Automotive Resource Partners affiliates.

Yago Paramo is CEO of Paramo Group, Inc., has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Yago has created numerous data tools to assist sales and marketing, managed hundreds of templates, and worked with companies like AutoNation, Lithia, and Earnhardt. Yago’s systems currently publishes over 500,000 ads a month and has the ability to measure ad opens, ad clicks, phone calls, emails, and more.

Paul Potratz, COO of Potratz Advertising and is a full service automotive advertising agency specializing in integrating the power of digital marketing strategies for retail automotive dealers and dealer groups across the United States and Canada. Paul has been interviewed on digital marketing trends by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NY Post, CBS and several regional newspapers and radio talk shows.

Ken Potter is Vice President of Dealer Development for TrueCar, Inc. Ken Potter oversees TrueCar’s dealer development. Potter’s career in the automotive industry also includes serving as General Manager of two car dealerships, including nearly three years at CarMax.

San Rafael, CA (PRWEB) November 19, 2012

Most architect websites fail to bring in new clients and projects because they are created with a design focus rather than as a marketing project. A series of free webinars on Internet Marketing for Architects is getting enthusiastic reviews from attendees as it reveals to them for the first time the serious problems made by most architects as they develop their websites. These issues limit the effectiveness of these sites, often preventing them from being found by potential clients.

Eric Bobrow, a veteran architectural technology consultant, author and trainer, has identified 9 common mistakes found in architect websites that cripple their ability to attract new design business. Through years of extensive study and experimentation in internet marketing for his own architectural software training courses and add-on products, Bobrow has refined and developed strategies that work to attract new clients in the architectural space.

In the free Internet Marketing for Architects training webinar, Bobrow presents an illuminating overview of how traditional marketing and promotion can be adapted to the new digital and social media tools. He divides the process into four linked processes, starting with Visibility (how easy it is to be found by prospective clients).

There are 11,100,000 Google searches each month worldwide for the term “architect”, and millions more for related terms such as “home remodel” or “custom home design.” It is clear that more and more people use the internet to research and choose architects and other building design professionals. Traditional methods of advertising in print publications such as the Yellow Pages reach fewer people than ever before.

Several of the mistakes Bobrow has identified reduce the likelihood of an architect website ranking well in search engine results, which means fewer people actually discover these firms. A number of the other common issues relate to the concepts of engagement and conversion. Typical sites by design firms focus on presenting beautiful images of completed projects, but do not actually address the needs and interests of the majority of site visitors.

One inspiring case study included in the presentation is the story of Modative, a small Los Angeles architectural firm that was able to boost visitors to their website 6 times over within a few months. They now rank number 1 in Google for their targeted keyword searches, winning out against much larger and better financed firms, and find that 90% of their projects originate through people discovering their website.

Other case studies presented by Bobrow include dramatic improvements for his clients in website rankings. These have generated more than a 1500% increase in traffic and 8 times as many monthly project inquiries within a 6 month period of strategic marketing and promotion.

In the webinar, Bobrow presents 5 ideas that can be easily implemented by architects to make their sites more effective. Firms that follow these principles will boost their rankings in the search engines, thus becoming more visible to prospective clients. They will also be able to boost engagement with visitors, increasing the number of active leads, and start to see a steady flow of serious inquiries about design projects coming directly from their online promotional efforts.

Response to the presentation has been very positive, with many attendees commenting that it opened their eyes to the reasons why their websites were failing to bring in design work.

Chicago-area architect Jim Ohle commented: “I found the webinar to be very enlightening. I am gathering data for the design of my Web Site and I have to admit, I was about to do everything wrongly. Your Webinar certainly caused me to rethink every design & informational concept I was working on.”

The free Internet Marketing for Architects webinar is presented on an ongoing basis. Interested architects and building design professionals may register to attend on the following page:

Architect Marketing Training Webinar Registration

For those who would like to go deeper into this subject, Bobrow has created a comprehensive step by step architect marketing training called the Internet Marketing for Architects Course. This 12 week series of lectures covers this topic in detail with over 20 hours of recorded video lessons playable on demand.

In addition to the webinar and training course, Bobrow is starting an Architect Marketing Coaching Program to provide ongoing guidance to architects who would like to optimize their online marketing strategy. The Coaching Program is delivered to members through a monthly series of live webinars, and includes new training materials as well website critiques and open question and answer sessions.

About Eric Bobrow and Bobrow Consulting Group

Bobrow is a former ArchiCAD reseller of the year and Graphisoft Platinum VAR, as well as author of dozens of tips and tricks articles and videos published on the ArchiCAD Wiki, AECbytes, Cadalyst, ArchiMAG and other popular web portals. His company Bobrow Consulting Group provides training and consulting services for users around the world.

The Bobrow Consulting Group website houses Bobrow’s personal blog as well as dozens of tips and tricks articles and video tutorials on ArchiCAD. His ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube Channel has become a popular destination for ArchiCAD users around the world, with over 550,000 views.

Bobrow has developed an internet marketing system especially tailored for architects, including search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, affiliate promotion, membership website development, and video production.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

With the current economic downturn, a lot of people are looking for ways to create more income for themselves and their families. One of the most popular strategies being applied today is setting up a home business and start working from home. This is the subject of the latest video coming from secret millionaire Jeff Usner. In the new video uploaded on JeffUsner.com, the internet millionaire educates thousands of hopefuls on how to simplify internet marketing and start working from home.

According to the author of Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Success, the problem with most people is that they make internet marketing hard for themselves when there are really basic and simple steps to make it work. There may be all kinds of complicated material online telling people of complicated processes that is way above their heads on how to start earning money through the internet but at the end of it, it all boils down to doing the basics and performing them well.

Jeff Usner says, ?In the book, I talk about Millionaire Marketing Fundamental Number 2 says? Find where you audience is and get in front of them. This is key to traffic.? Whatever business you start from home using the internet as a venue, it is important to remember that the internet is a never ending space of information. There is so much to see, so many options available for the target market that the goal for any business owner is to make sure that the business you have is the first one that they see or come across over and above everything else. The exposure is the first step to making money.

The internet millionaire instructs aspiring business owners to pin down the most important questions and provide the answers for them in the context of their business. ?Where?s your audience? Where are they at? Are they on Facebook? Are they searching for you? Are they on Google? Yahoo? Are they on Pinterest? Are they on some other website? Are they down the street at the local store? Where are your clients at??

The answer to this question is the beginning of the marketing campaign. Jeff adds, ?Any marketing really, the first question is where is your audience and then the second question is how do I get in front of them. It?s really that simple and it is something that we do every day. I use reverse engineering to do that but we also find other traffic sources that others aren?t doing because we start asking ourselves these questions.?

There are several ways to find the target market of the business that you have. Research is a very valuable tool to employ in this scenario. In his other instructional videos located at JeffUsner.com, Jeff reveals how this is done effectively and powerfully. In his latest company, ProfitHub.com, this is also a concept that the internet millionaire and his Profit Hub team discusses exclusively to its members.


Jeff Usner is a leading online marketer, business consultant, mentor, and philanthropist. He has created numerous successful companies online and has been coming up with events and products that will help and train other marketers to do the same. His specialty is designing systems and processes that transform ordinary businesses into big money making successes immediately. Both new and old businesses benefit from his strategies and he is a living proof to the effectiveness of what he teaches.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

“Finally, the new Affilotheme WordPress theme is available and can join the wildly popular Affilorama family of products from Mark Ling,” reports Joshua Greenberg, of Mobile Marketing Planet. “This is the first WordPress theme built specifically to fill the needs of internet marketers, and the reaction so far has been in a word, overwhelming.”

While most WordPress themes function as platforms for e-commerce, online magazines, or blogs, Mark Ling designed Affilotheme to rank well in the search engines, and help online marketers to quickly build their email lists and convert website visitors into customers.

Upon conducting an Affilotheme review Mobile Marketing Planet is calling this the ultimate WordPress theme for anyone involved in online marketing.

Joshua Greenberg offers this glowing recommendation: “Anyone who wants a WordPress theme that produces eye catching, professional looking websites that convert needs to try out Affilotheme.”

Affilotheme, which was released Tuesday afternoon comes full of features sure to appeal to the savviest of internet marketers. These include 6 child themes, control over fonts and color choices, extensive video training, opt in and header creator software, link cloaking, a light-box generator, lifetime updates and timely customer support.

In addition Mark Ling has added three Affilotheme bonuses including a members forum, a custom graphic creation tool, and even a free hosting package. This Affilotheme hosting gives customers access to a complimentary hosting on a premium server for a full year.