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Providence, RI (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

A new video reviewing the latest video marketing software has been launched by Rick Porter detailing how he uses Easy Video Suite as part of his internet and affiliate marketing campaigns.

In the video a few of the features are touched on and shown in a live demonstration of the powerful software suite such as video screen capture presentation abilities using specific video microdata in the video description for search engine optimization to enable video thumbnails on a users own website to show up in Google search results.

“I decided to do an Easy Video Suite review to show some of my colleagues how I was using this innovative video marketing software to create videos that had engagement features like add to cart buttons and social sharing functions to increase viral capability”, said Porter.

The video and blog post entitled “Easy Video Suite Review ? Simple Video Marketing Software with Screen Capture” can be found here at http://rickporter.org/easy-video-suite-review/.

About: Rick Porter is a full time internet marketer and online reputation management consultant. He also does product and service reviews of internet marketing tools that he currently uses and never endorses any product that he doesn’t actually use. He also recently did a Link Emperor Review showing how it could be used to recover from Penguin 2.0 penalties.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

StreamSend, a leading email marketing service provider and creator of the enhanced social marketing tool suite StreamSend Share 2.0, has sponsored a research report that can help guide businesses to increase their email marketing revenue by using video. The report, produced by The Relevancy Group, is entitled ?The ROI of Video in Email Marketing?, and shows how adding videos to email delivers a much higher return on investment ? boosting revenues by forty percent.

?Online videos are exploding in popularity while smartphones compete with desktops and laptops as a video delivery device, presenting a huge opportunity to stream video in email and other message formats,? said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. ?Helping our clients build their brand and their business by sending and sharing video in social and email marketing has been a major focus at StreamSend. Now, with this report by top email research firm The Relevancy Group, we can present the whole picture of video as a powerful ecommerce tool.?

In a survey of 266 marketing executives, The Relevancy Group found that twenty-five percent of email marketers are currently using video in email. The survey reports that marketers using video in email have increased their click-through and conversion rates, and are generating forty percent higher monthly revenue than those that do not use video. To execute video in email effectively, marketers have learned that these videos must have the ability to be configured with call-to-action links, sharing mechanisms and auto-responders.

Key findings include:

Reston, VA (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has hired longtime entertainment industry executive and former conservation organization president, Maureen P. Smith, as its new Vice President of Marketing and Communications. In this role, Smith will be part of NWF?s executive leadership team and play a key role in a wide variety of areas throughout the organization and its programs, including: the global marketing and branding of NWF and its cherished mascot, Ranger Rick; internal and external communications; children?s publishing; digital products and online integration; consumer insight; and video and multi-media productions.

As the former top executive at Animal Planet, Fox Kids Network and Fox Family Channel, as well as at the non-profit Jane Goodall Institute, Smith brings to NWF years of experience in all aspects of communication and engagement; fundraising; developing and managing new revenue streams; and bringing the wonders and needs of the natural world to life ? across a variety of media platforms and other consumer touchpoints.

?Bringing Maureen aboard is not only strategic, it is truly symbolic of NWF?s commitment to remaining the leading wildlife conservation-focused organization in America and to maximizing the impact of our voice and the voice of our members and affiliates ? especially during these critical times for our environment,? said Jaime Matyas, NWF?s Chief Operating Officer.

For more than 20 years, Maureen Smith has brought passion, energy and an ardent commitment to innovation, results, teamwork, and compelling people to take positive action. Her creativity, communications, marketing and management skills established Smith as a highly effective executive from her earliest days at FOX Broadcasting through her simultaneous presidencies at FOX Family Channel (now known as ABC Family) and FOX Kids Network (where she also served as Editor-in-Chief of Fox Kids Magazine), to her most recent corporate media position as the head of Discovery Communication?s Animal Planet and Animal Planet Media Enterprises. She has also served as CEO of ePals, Inc. (an education media company and the leading Global Learning Network); President of the Jane Goodall Institute (a global non-profit focusing on wildlife conservation, education and research), and most recently served as Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at Maroon Public Relations.

?National Wildlife Federation?s broad mission, inclusive values, and solid affiliate structure provide an exciting and powerful platform from which we will strengthen the NWF brand, increase funding for the maintenance and expansion of its stellar conservation and education programs, and inspire even more Americans to protect wildlife for our children?s future and the future of their children as well.?

Maureen?s innovative vision and creativity also resulted in a broad range of new and successful program genres, interactive digital content, and award-winning marketing campaigns.

As a lifelong wildlife enthusiast and conservation advocate, Smith comes to NWF with a passion to inspire Americans to protect wildlife. She and her family reside in Maryland and treasure their own ?Certified Wildlife Backyard Habitat.?

For more National Wildlife Federation news visit http://www.nwf.org/news

The National Wildlife Federation is America’s largest conservation organization inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.

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Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

oGoing, USA’s leading small business social network, and Microsoft Store invite small business executives to series of engaging Social Media and Online Marketing workshops for Small Business.

These workshops address key small business marketing challenges:

(PRWEB) January 16, 2013

Most online marketing programs don’t seem to last long. But, the Million Dollar Marketing Machine (MDMM), started 4 years ago as the Automated Money Machine, is immensely popular mostly because it is a high commission sales model and does not require building a massive downstream affiliate network that most online marketing programs require. But, It’s the high commission model that attracts most that are successful with it.

While the cost of entry can be high, ranging from $ 500 – $ 20,000, most opt in at the $ 3,500 level. The higher the level, the more resources are provided to make these high commission sales. The products are software and ebooks on digital marketing which are kept current, which is the second reason this high commission sale program works.

However as Tim Cooper of Have Fun From Home says “You need to be ready to put in the effort if you want the results”.

There are several ways to promote the MDMM including press releases, voice broadcasting, craigslist advertising and ezines. However, search engine optimization of your website with a video on the home page and conducting webinars are two of the most effective.

About Have Fun From Home

Tim Cooper has been guiding and advising online entrepreneurs for over a decade. Tim’s experience, network and established programs have helped hundreds of entreprenurs make money online.

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St. Paul, Minnesota (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

John Nemo, Founder and CEO of Nemo Media Group, a debt collection marketing agency based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, recently spoke at the Wisconsin Collectors Association Annual Fall Conference to rave reviews. Nemo gave two presentations on subjects ranging from collection agency PR strategies to leveraging social media to win new clients and increase revenue.

“John helped me understand what I’m not using right now and made me realize there are opportunities out there that I’m not capitalizing on,” said Pauline Kussart, conference attendee and owner of H.E. Stark Agency, an accounts receivable solutions firm headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. “The most beneficial part was that after the presentation, I came outside to look for John to see when we could get a deal put together!”

Nemo Media Group provides debt collection marketing services including PR, video production, social media, SEO, sales/lead generation tools, content writing, website development, and more. John Nemo is the former PR Director for ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, which represents more than 5,000 debt collection agencies, creditors, debt buyers, attorneys and vendor affiliates. He is also a nationally-sought-after speaker in the debt collection industry.

“I have always loved interacting and engaging with collectors and professionals in the collection industry,” Nemo said. “Public speaking is a huge passion of mine and I truly enjoy being in front of an audience and getting my message out there.”

Joe Leventhal, Manager at Professional Collectors Corporation and conference attendee, had this to say after Nemo’s presentation on social media: “There is a challenge with our industry in being up with technology and things like social media, and John introduced me to some things I never even considered doing … I would even venture to say that with what’s going on in our industry, this was the most beneficial part of the conference.”

Nemo plans on speaking at several regional and national industry events in 2013. He says his goal and the mission of Nemo Media Group is to help clients successfully leverage public relations, social media, video and other marketing tools to increase their revenue, win new clients and enhance their brand online.


Founded by former ACA International PR Director John Nemo, debt collection marketing agency Nemo Media Group helps collection agencies increase revenue, win new clients and enhance/protect their brand online.

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London, UK (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Multi-million dollar online marketing entrepreneur Adam Maggio recently announced that he will be providing his online based business strategy to a limited number of new students via his free new video that outlines his proven three-step system. Adam, who is among the top regional sales coordinators for a multi-million dollar Fortune 500 company, decided to move his business online. Adam Maggio has been hitting multiple $ 1,000 days by leveraging the power of Empower Network.

Like many Americans, Adam Maggio had a difficult start in life, which led to difficulty in making ends meet and a growing frustration with his quality of life. At the age of 21, a friend suggested that he should give sales a shot. By age 24, he was at the 8th position at a major Fortune 500 company that employed more than 68,000 people. He then decided to build his own team and train them to make big bucks and within three years, he established a multimillion-dollar team at his office in NJ which won the ?rookie of the year? award in 2007.

?My most recent marketing success is a direct result of what I?ve learned through Empower Network,? said Maggio. ?It was the effectiveness of Empower Network?s online marketing approach that led to developing my own Internet marketing strategies that have brought me even greater financial success.?

In today?s difficult economy, people are constantly looking for the secrets of how to make money online quickly and easily. Empower Network offers the best Internet marketing training in the form of videos on practically any topic, so there is no need for anyone to tell people what they need to do. The online-based Empower Network affiliate program offers 100-percent commission to its affiliates for program referrals, provides a targeted customer base and a product that consumers want and need in order to generate leads and traffic to a blog site to produce high conversion rates and high commissions. Over the past six months, Empower Network has paid out just under $ 20,000,000.

While offline direct sales leaders rarely look to take their business online, Maggio realized that Empower Network?s business model would enable him to make even more money online fast. Today, using the Empower Network resources, Adam Maggio has consistently pulled in $ 1,000 days. ?Thousands of Empower Network affiliates have achieved unprecedented success just by blogging a few hours a day after learning exactly how to do this through Empower Network?s advanced marketing strategy,? said Maggio. ?I want to show others how they can join their ranks and gain the financial success they desire.? For more information, please visit http://adammaggio.com/secret-access-pr

About Adam Maggio:

Having entered direct sales at the age of 21, Adam was able to rise to the top of a billion-dollar insurance company in direct sales placing him eighth out of 68,000-plus people in three years. Having received the best Internet marketing training, he built a multimillion-dollar team in 2007 that was awarded the ?rookie of the year? award and he was promoted to a higher position in 2008. The multi-million dollar online marketing entrepreneur is now showing others his two-hour-per-day/$ 1,000-per-day Internet marketing strategy formula developed with his Empower Network training.

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Sacramento, California (PRWEB) December 10, 2012

StreamSend, a leading email marketing service provider and creator of the social marketing tool suite StreamSend Share, shares eight important steps businesses can follow to successfully automate their social and email marketing and nurture demand-driven leads into becoming customers.

?Marketing automation can be a marketer?s best friend or worst enemy,? said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. ?Done right, it can personalize communications so that the right people receive the right amount of targeted, relevant messages. Done wrong, it will not only produce poor results, it can alienate prospects and put a dent in the marketing database. Here are eight steps we recommend to customers that want to avoid the pitfalls of marketing automation and capitalize on its potential as a relationship — and profit — builder.?

1. Get Smart: Segment

Instead of sending out email blasts to all your prospects and customers, segment them into lists and send specific offers that they value. Make this a guiding principle when using marketing automation to nurture demand-driven leads, or you will hammer those prospects with the painfully clear message that you don?t know who they are.

2. Land Them Safely

Build landing pages from templates like StreamSend?s, sending email visitors to those landing pages that nurture their interest. Then collect names using forms or further calls to action. Since templates can also be pasted as a tab in Facebook or embedded into an existing blog, they can deliver targeted messages quickly and easily.

3. Share and Engage

These landing pages can become a great common interest forum that engages visitors and stimulates sharing, and posts to share boards drive share traffic. Powerful Share Scheduling allows messages to arrive at the perfect time.

4. Start Nurturing Early

Nurture those landing page visitors with re-sends to them using a feature like StreamSend?s new ?Add to a List?, which will initiate the next round of communication with anyone who has clicked, viewed or interacted with a link.

5. Get on the Board

Post the entire communications piece or parts of the offer on Share boards and launch them into the share-o-sphere.

6. Make Them Feel Welcome

When new social visitors find your piece, they are stepping onto the nurturing train, where you can welcome them and understand their needs and interests during a mutually profitable journey.

7. Tracks & Stats

Throughout the entire nurturing experience, take every opportunity to track visitors? behavior, whether it?s who watched a video or who clicked a link. That intelligence will allow messaging that nurtures leads with increasing effectiveness.

8. Build According to Specifications

Write more specific offers to segments according to their earlier responses and build leads into demand-driven leads that respond to specific offers now and in the future.

Learn how to reach more viewers with StreamSend Share at http://www.streamsend.com/lp_getsocial.htm


StreamSend offers an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable email marketing service designed to help businesses maximize the reach of their marketing budget when sending an email newsletter or using Social Media. StreamSend offers a number of industry-leading standard pricing plans, private-label and affiliate programs and hands-on personal client service. Started in 1998, StreamSend is a leader in Email Marketing.

Caledonia, MI (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

The hospitality and tourism market relies heavily on television and print advertising to reach consumers. Yet those types of tourism marketing are immensely expensive, particularly for smaller facilities that don?t have huge advertising budgets. Many recreational facilities, such as family-owned waterparks, hotels, spas, theme parks and family fun centers, are restricted in what media they can use to promote themselves.

In the age of YouTube, however, just about anyone with a smart phone can produce a video for immediate upload. As such, these businesses are finding a vast audience of interested customers?many of them teens with lots of time on their hands and who love to spend hours surfing the web?who are more than willing to watch an online mini movie and then share it with their social networks.

To help these hospitality and tourism marketing businesses reach more potential guests and show off the fun, thrilling and adrenaline-spiking attractions they offer, The Organization For Exceptional Hospitality (http://www.EHospa.org) is sponsoring a YouTube contest that highlights the industry?s most-engaging recreation and hospitality videos.

EHospa is an international business-development trade organization for hospitality and recreation-related suppliers and practitioners. EHospa uses its considerable assets in media, sales and marketing, public relations and advertising to promote the unique characteristics and strengths of each of its members with the goal of generating more business with positive return on investment. EHospa is affiliated with RESORT AND RECREATION, a business magazine and website that serves a community of more than 80,000 hospitality and tourism marketing professionals at the world?s finest properties, including destination resorts, spas and hotels, resort-residential facilities, fitness/golf/country clubs, waterparks and community recreation centers. RESORT AND RECREATION recently expanded into the consumer marketplace with the launch of MyResortLIFE.com, a website dedicated to generating online bookings for high-end lodging and recreation facilities. MyResortLIFE.com is sponsoring the YouTube contest.

Ron Anger, President of EHospa, and Editorial Director of MyResortLIFE.com and RESORT AND RECREATION (as well as sister site RandRBizPRO.com), says the organization wants to help facilities find new ways to promote their properties and services.

?We?re encouraging facilities of all sizes and with a wide variety of attractions and services to send us their most engaging promotional videos,? he explains. ?We?ll upload them to our RESORT AND RECREATION YouTube channel so consumers will have an easy place to view them, and then our team will choose its favorite hospitality and tourism marketing video as the winner.?

The winning property will receive a free two-night vacation (a $ 400 value), as well as a free one-year Corporate Premium membership in EHospa (a $ 189 value). The membership package will include a Premium listing on MyResortLIFE.com, social media posts (on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube), editorial coverage in Adventures Magazine and more.

Even if a facility doesn?t have a video to enter in the contest, Anger says they can get help from EHospa to create one. ?Just contact a member of our staff, and we?ll connect you with some affordable options to help you develop your digital promotion,? he adds.

To be eligible to win the contest, entrants must ?like? the MyResortLIFE Facebook page, share their video on the MyResortLIFE Facebook page (and include a reference to the ?YouTube Contest? in their post) and join the organization?s LinkedIn group.

The contest is scheduled to end just after the first of the year in 2013.

To view the current entrants, visit the RESORT AND RECREATION YouTube channel.



MyResortLIFE.com is consumers? best source for exhilarating recreation, adventure outings and engaging travel, all delivered with exceptional hospitality! Consumers can explore all their options by searching destination regions, activities or the site?s expert articles database.

EHospa.org is an international business-development trade organization for hospitality and recreation-related suppliers and practitioners.

RESORT AND RECREATION is a business magazine and website that serves a community of more than 80,000 hospitality professionals at the world?s finest properties, including destination resorts, spas and hotels, resort-residential facilities, fitness/golf/country clubs, waterparks and community recreation.

RandRBizPro.com is the online portal for RESORT AND RECREATION magazine.

For additional information, contact:

Ron Anger

President/Executive Director

P.O. Box 378

Caledonia, MI 49316

Phone: 616.891.5747

Fax: 616.891.5669


Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Created by two former homeless guys turned millionaires, David Sharpe and David Wood,The Empower Network is an affiliate marketing program that makes it easy for any affiliate to make sales on the Internet of any product including Empower Network itself. Due to the high rewards and the professional training that the program created by these top internet and MLM marketers offers Internet and multi-level marketers, direct sales, and other business owners are flocking to join it. An Empower Network review shows how this program not only provides marketers the training and tools that they need to make money with the program and also in their own businesses but also offers them a 100% commission on all their sales.

David Sharpe and David Wood have created an automated sales funnel that they are constantly perfecting and have used their training, expertise, and knowledge and transferred it to this new program. Affiliates of the Empower Network get access to a highly optimized blogging platform that brings in traffic and converts visitors to sales for $ 25 a month. Affiliates can promote their own programs or other products and can blog about anything they want which also makes it ideal for MLM and Internet marketers.

Internet Marketer and super affiliate John Barry of http://ProfitWithJohnBarry.com states, “I have promoted hundreds of products in lot of different niches but nothing has gotten me as excited as the Empower Network opportunity. With just the blog one is given, one can make thousands with it, but the opportunity to promote quality products that practically sell themselves is even better. Nothing is better than making a residual, recurring income with high priced backend products. The cool thing is that people of all experience levels are making money with it too.”

An additional $ 100 a month gets members access to the Empower Network Inner Circle Training that includes access to weekly calls including archives from top earners in MLM, direct sales, internet marketing, and more. Affiliates can purchase and promote even higher level trainings. The Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive for $ 500 offers 11 in-depth video lessons about how 7 figure earners are marketing their businesses both online and offline. In a bonus lesson, David Wood shows how to use all the previous lessons and use them in their own business.

With lessons from top marketers that teach different skills one can plug into their business to earn at least $ 1,000 a day in their program quickly, the Empower Network training is the 15k Formula that costs $ 1000. There is also a $ 3500 Costa Rica Masters Retreat program, that affiliates are able to sell and receive $ 3000 as commissions.

Only those who purchase a program are able to promote it, so as they upgrade to the other levels, they not only get access to the additional training but also able to get commissions on those programs. With a unique commission structure that allows the affiliate to make money off of the people they refer, Empower is a great fit for both those with no internet experience and those with advanced marketing skills. The affiliate keeps the 1st, 3rd and 5th commissions and the 2nd, 4th and 6th go to the referrer. Thereafter, every 5th commission goes to the referrer. This is great for a passive, residual income as the more people an affiliate refers in, higher are the pass up commissions that they can get.

To help more people get started and making more money with Empower Network faster, John Barry of http://ProfitWithJohnBarry.com has created a unique Empower Network Bonus package that can be found on his website. Click The link above to learn more.

For those who are ready to join or who want more information should go sign up here at the official website.

Those would like to contact someone directly can email realjohnbarry (at) gmail(dot)com or call 1-877-524-2556.

To see the official Empower earnings disclaimer one can go here.

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