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New York, NY (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

Cash Machines 2.0 is a new online marketing product which is aimed at getting visitors and thereby converting traffic into sales. It becomes crucial to get detailed Cash Machines 2.0 review to understand the product and its usability. The member’s area of this product consists of the following:

1) Welcome Video

2) Webinar Signup

3) Strategy Session

4) Claim Website

5) CM2 Profit Center (5 licences)

6) Traffic Machines

7) Instant CM2 software

8) Tube ranker pro software

9) Bonuses

There are clear-cut video instructions inside the member’s area of the product. The product has been created for fresh affiliate marketers, hence it comes with “ready to promote” websites. One can also put up additional content on these sites and then start promoting them as per the video instructions.

The Cash Machines software has been made web based so that it becomes simpler to use. Also, there is a contact link for people who might face any problems regarding usage of the software. The webinar link is also provided inside Cash Machines to provide an extra edge to the buyers by making them aware of new marketing strategies. The Tube Ranker Pro software is made especially to get visitors from video sites. There are some additional bonuses which would provide extra value to the core product.

Some of the popular marketing websites like MarketCrawl.com have also come up with the review of this product along with sites like cashmachines2s.org. The overall working of Cash Machines 2.0 is based on getting traffic from various sites and utilizing it to get affiliate sales. To make the entire process simple, each of the sections comes with detailed instructions to set up the software and to carry on associated steps required for proper functioning.

To make sure that you get the original product, buy from the official link.

To know more on cash machines 2.0, visit here.

Providence, RI (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

A new video reviewing the latest video marketing software has been launched by Rick Porter detailing how he uses Easy Video Suite as part of his internet and affiliate marketing campaigns.

In the video a few of the features are touched on and shown in a live demonstration of the powerful software suite such as video screen capture presentation abilities using specific video microdata in the video description for search engine optimization to enable video thumbnails on a users own website to show up in Google search results.

“I decided to do an Easy Video Suite review to show some of my colleagues how I was using this innovative video marketing software to create videos that had engagement features like add to cart buttons and social sharing functions to increase viral capability”, said Porter.

The video and blog post entitled “Easy Video Suite Review ? Simple Video Marketing Software with Screen Capture” can be found here at http://rickporter.org/easy-video-suite-review/.

About: Rick Porter is a full time internet marketer and online reputation management consultant. He also does product and service reviews of internet marketing tools that he currently uses and never endorses any product that he doesn’t actually use. He also recently did a Link Emperor Review showing how it could be used to recover from Penguin 2.0 penalties.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 08, 2013

Covert Store Builder – a new WordPress theme developed by Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye who are known collectively as the IM Wealth Builders has just been released to the public. The theme, which creates viral affiliate stores is creating a buzz of excitement throughout the online marketing community prompting an investigative review from HonestyFirstReviews.com’s Tiffany Hendricks.

“With E-commerce now far exceeding one trillion dollars in annual revenue, many webmasters and online marketers are eager to get their slice of the pie,” reports Hendricks. “Most large online retailers like Amazon have affiliate programs, making it very simple to get started in this industry, however that said, designing an effective E-commerce website can prove challenging for even the most seasoned web professionals. There are several other E-commerce WordPress themes on the market, but the ones we have reviewed in the past have lacked the functionality necessary to manage a high volume online store, so we were anxious to take a look at the new Covert Store Builder to see if this was something worth recommending to our website visitors.”

Hendricks’ Covert Store Builder review explains that the theme offers users a host of features to help users maximize the value of their website’s traffic including a so called “self optimizing” feature. This technology first tracks impressions and clicks for every product listed on one’s website and then automatically displays the best selling products at the top of the page.

“While optimizing one’s website for conversions is key to boosting sales, the tasks necessary in order to optimize effectively can be difficult and frustrating to implement,” says Hendricks. “Because self optimizing features are built right into the Covert Store Builder theme it has a strong appeal to webmasters not wishing to run their own complex split-tests, or purchase third party tracking software. Additional highlights discussed in our review such as the theme’s wish-list functionality, viral sharing capabilities, and full auto-responder integration further enhance Covert Store Builder’s desirability among E-commerce website owners.”

The Covert Store Builder is currently being offered with a multi-site license at no additional cost. In addition customers receive a step-by-step set up guide, video tutorials, and a “help-file” with explanations of all of the theme’s settings and functions.

Those wishing to purchase Covert Store Builder, or for more information, click here.

Tiffany Hendricks provides reviews of the best internet marketing courses, software and digital training programs on her website HonestyFirstReviews.com. Hendricks’ Covert Store Builder Review is available at the following web address: http://www.honestyfirstreviews.com/covert-store-builder-review-e-commerce/

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Created by two former homeless guys turned millionaires, David Sharpe and David Wood,The Empower Network is an affiliate marketing program that makes it easy for any affiliate to make sales on the Internet of any product including Empower Network itself. Due to the high rewards and the professional training that the program created by these top internet and MLM marketers offers Internet and multi-level marketers, direct sales, and other business owners are flocking to join it. An Empower Network review shows how this program not only provides marketers the training and tools that they need to make money with the program and also in their own businesses but also offers them a 100% commission on all their sales.

David Sharpe and David Wood have created an automated sales funnel that they are constantly perfecting and have used their training, expertise, and knowledge and transferred it to this new program. Affiliates of the Empower Network get access to a highly optimized blogging platform that brings in traffic and converts visitors to sales for $ 25 a month. Affiliates can promote their own programs or other products and can blog about anything they want which also makes it ideal for MLM and Internet marketers.

Internet Marketer and super affiliate John Barry of http://ProfitWithJohnBarry.com states, “I have promoted hundreds of products in lot of different niches but nothing has gotten me as excited as the Empower Network opportunity. With just the blog one is given, one can make thousands with it, but the opportunity to promote quality products that practically sell themselves is even better. Nothing is better than making a residual, recurring income with high priced backend products. The cool thing is that people of all experience levels are making money with it too.”

An additional $ 100 a month gets members access to the Empower Network Inner Circle Training that includes access to weekly calls including archives from top earners in MLM, direct sales, internet marketing, and more. Affiliates can purchase and promote even higher level trainings. The Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive for $ 500 offers 11 in-depth video lessons about how 7 figure earners are marketing their businesses both online and offline. In a bonus lesson, David Wood shows how to use all the previous lessons and use them in their own business.

With lessons from top marketers that teach different skills one can plug into their business to earn at least $ 1,000 a day in their program quickly, the Empower Network training is the 15k Formula that costs $ 1000. There is also a $ 3500 Costa Rica Masters Retreat program, that affiliates are able to sell and receive $ 3000 as commissions.

Only those who purchase a program are able to promote it, so as they upgrade to the other levels, they not only get access to the additional training but also able to get commissions on those programs. With a unique commission structure that allows the affiliate to make money off of the people they refer, Empower is a great fit for both those with no internet experience and those with advanced marketing skills. The affiliate keeps the 1st, 3rd and 5th commissions and the 2nd, 4th and 6th go to the referrer. Thereafter, every 5th commission goes to the referrer. This is great for a passive, residual income as the more people an affiliate refers in, higher are the pass up commissions that they can get.

To help more people get started and making more money with Empower Network faster, John Barry of http://ProfitWithJohnBarry.com has created a unique Empower Network Bonus package that can be found on his website. Click The link above to learn more.

For those who are ready to join or who want more information should go sign up here at the official website.

Those would like to contact someone directly can email realjohnbarry (at) gmail(dot)com or call 1-877-524-2556.

To see the official Empower earnings disclaimer one can go here.

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

“Ali Brown’s Thrive program has just been released today,” reports Tiffany Hendricks of http://wealthspringmarketing.com . “Ali Brown is a true pioneer. She is greatly admired for her dedication and ability to coach female entrepreneurs, and teach them how to thrive. She has already made a huge difference in so many peoples lives. Ali’s new program Thrive is a very exciting extension of the amazing work she has been doing in this field.”

Alexandria Brown who is known alternately as the “Ezine Queen” and “The leading voice for women’s entrepreneurial success” was not always the entrepreneurial success story that she is today. Brown started her first business from scratch working out of her tiny New York City apartment, and ultimately became the founder and CEO of Ali International LLC, which was ranked on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in 2009.

Tiffany Hendricks adds this insight on Ali Brown’s new Thrive Powered By Elevate:

“After working with all of the women who went through her Elevate business training course, and getting their feedback, Ali decided to improve upon the already wildly successful program,” says Hendricks. “Ali expanded on all of the training, added mentors, and even added some really groundbreaking new training modules to ensure that her clients receive the most up to date business training available.”

In the week leading up to the release of Ali Brown’s Thrive she released four free training videos to give women who were unfamiliar with Ali a taste of the high quality business training that she offers through her programs.

Ali Brown has been named “The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily, and her website features pages of glowing testimonials from women who have found success working with Ali. One satisfied client from the United Kingdom states, “I came into Ali’s program with no clients, no income streams, no plan. But after 1 year as a program member, I now bring in about $ 4,000 a month!”

Registration for Ali Brown’s Thrive is limited to a five day window which closes Friday September 14th. Those interested can click here to join Elevate and enjoy three special Fast-Action Bonuses.

WealthSpringMarketing.com is a boutique marketing consulting firm serving entrepreneurs worldwide. They have given their official endorsement to Ali Brown’s Thrive powered by Elevate.