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New York, NY (PRWEB) January 29, 2013

Ajax Union, an SEO company based in Brooklyn, NY, is now featuring new services available through an associated press release site PR United. PR United customers receive custom press releases designed to draw attention to the business and maximize online presence through SEO, or search engine optimization. The staff writing for PR United specializes in tailoring descriptions of featured products and services to the demands of online customers as well as to the requirements of the most-used search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Available online at http://www.PRUnited.com, public relations marketing through PR United creates positive buzz to surround a company?s message and increase both traffic and rankings. PR United employs a team of professional writers and creates each press release in-house. A streamlined editorial process then focuses the release to meet the client?s needs. Customers work directly with the writers and editors to build a press release that address specific and deadline-oriented business goals.

?Ajax Union?s social media and SEO services have helped many businesses gain more exposure and secure more conversions online. Now, PR United offers the same results to customers who want to inspire more interest and reach a wider audience across the board. The newly updated PR United offers clients a wealth of options they can use to create a comprehensive, personalized plan for PR marketing. Each release is crafted with the client?s specific needs in mind, and to optimize the amount of exposure gained from each distribution online,? said Ajax Union?s PR Manager Leslie Beddingfield.

Once the release is complete and approved, PR United distributes it to a roster of PR networks optimized for speed, reach, and multimedia potential. PR marketing is well-suited for a variety of corporate projects, such as branding, promotions, announcements, or showcasing mission statements and customer testimonials. The internet marketing company?s press releases are also an effective method of pushing down any negative press or irrelevant content appearing in online search queries.

In addition to its PR United services, Ajax Union offers many small business internet marketing programs. Available on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract necessary, these programs include video and email marketing, social media management, and content creation. Ajax Union hosts webinars and seminars to share knowledge about social media and SEO techniques.

For more information, visit the boutique marketing company online or call 1-800-594-0444. Ajax Union also posts daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Hot Springs, AR. (PRWEB) December 30, 2012

Alliance Rubber Company, a leading global supplier of rubber bands, office and packaging supplies, announced today that they will be featured for their improvements through training and implementation projects provided by Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions (AMS).

The video is part of a 4 part series by AMS and is being used to promote the service they offer the state’s manufacturers. There will be 4 videos covering: Growth Services, Operational Excellence Services, Quality Management Services, and Energy/Sustainability Services. Alliance is one of two companies (Omega Solutions of Russellville is the other) that AMS has used in the Growth Services Video. The profile features Alliance?s 90-year history as an American Manufacturer of rubber bands and supplier of other office and packaging supplies. It also highlights their commitment to innovation. http://youtu.be/k4j3M8XFKBc

Alliance Rubber Company was recently awarded the 2012 ?Excellence in Innovation Award? that pays tribute to manufacturing innovation development and implementation. This award was coordinated through the National Institute of Standards and Technology and was due in large part to the eight new products launched after attending the Innovation Jump Start program provided by AMS. One such product was an innovation they call FotoFlex, which is a new capability to add four color digital imprints to rubber wristbands for promotions.

“Alliance is a clear example to us of what it takes for a company to succeed in a globally competitive market”, says Dan Curtis, director of Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions (AMS). “There will always be someone willing to produce a product for a penny less. Alliance instead builds their business on being constantly innovative. They set an example for how manufacturing can succeed in America.”

About Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions

Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), a program of the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority, is affiliated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST/MEP). In Arkansas, AMS is housed as a part of the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority, with staff located statewide. The mission at AMS is to serve manufacturing within the state by helping clients achieve profitable growth through services in key areas, including innovation, operational excellence, sustainability, and executive development.

About Alliance Rubber Company

Alliance Rubber Company is dedicated to ?Holding Your World Together.? Since it opened in 1923, the company has grown into a global leader with over 2,100 skus of mailing, shipping, office, and packaging products sold through dealers in 28 countries. Alliance Rubber Company is a proud supporter of the ?Made in the USA? initiative. Take our ?We Can Make It in America? pledge at http://www.rubberband.com/new-a-events/american-pledge.html and help create a million new American jobs by pledging to spend just a $ 1 a day on American made items.

SOURCE: Alliance Rubber Company


Jason Risner

Marketing Manager

Alliance Rubber

501 262 8162



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Betzdorf, Luxembourg (PRWEB UK) 30 November 2012

SES has announced its 100% owned affiliate SES Broadband Services will provide satellite broadband services for the parliamentary elections in Burkina Faso.

As part of the agreement with the Independent National Elections Committee (CENI) in Burkina Faso, SES Satellite Broadband Services and its partners Newtec, Access Sat and Unicom will provide satellite equipment and bandwidth to enable connectivity between the 45 electoral district offices, which serve as the hubs for 14,698 polling stations across the country, and the central election office in the capital, Ouagadougou. The system will be used for video conferencing, surveillance, Internet access and fast and secure communication of ballots.

SES Broadband Services will use satellite capacity on an SES satellite located at 5 degrees east and hardware and hub-infrastructure provided by Newtec. Installations of the VSAT terminals are carried out by Access Sat and the video and the LAN network equipment is supplied by Unicom.

“Satellite technology ensures connectivity for the remote sites in Burkina Faso and has the advantage of quick deployment and immediate coverage and availability. The deployed infrastructure can also be available after the electoral process to provide Internet access to schools, public offices and remote villages,” said Patrick Biewer, Managing Director, SES Broadband Services.

“The selected SES technology will facilitate a transparent electoral process, providing rapid and highly reliable data transfers. A series of innovations will also be introduced, including the use of biometrics for the voter registration. The selected satellite VSAT platform gives the advantage of quick deployment for fast transmission of electoral data from remote locations,” said Mr Barthelemy K

(PRWEB UK) 1 November 2012

According to a report released by Forbes, a record 81% of businesses worldwide are now utilising Social Media as a form of online marketing. Due to this surge, Waseem Saddique Marketing has revealed growing interest in the use of its marketing consultancy services.

Waseem Saddique, CEO of Waseem Saddique Marketing Services, commented: ?Businesses are becoming far more aware of the impact of Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn and they are looking to maximise the potential of such sites to increase customer bases and become more interactive with their consumers.?

Many of the businesses represented by the 81% figure now employ staff dedicated solely to providing that social savvy solution. Waseem Saddique Marketing is pleased to report increased use of their service as businesses make contact in need of advice and guidance on using Social Media to enhance online marketing strategies.

Social Media has become a widespread phenomenon, with a distinctive allure and the capability to reach out to audiences through laptops, smartphones, tablets and a whole host of other means. Basically, there is no escaping the reality that it has become an integral part of society that many cannot do without.

This latest announcement from Waseem Saddique Marketing Services comes as no surprise as businesses do battle to keep themselves ahead of competitors and in the sight of target audiences.

Waseem Saddique states: ?Many businesses have turned to Social Media because of the reach it provides and the simplicity of being able to interact with potential customers. Social Media sites also allow for fresh and innovative approaches to online marketing campaigns.?

Further factors behind businesses increasing their use of Social Media have been revealed by SocialStatistics.com

One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook (this number is calculated by dividing the planet?s 6.94 billion people by Facebook?s 750 million users).

People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

Each Facebook user spends, on average, 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site.

More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices.

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook.

30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month.

300,000 users helped translate Facebook into 70 languages.

People on Facebook install 20 million ?Apps? every day.

YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month.

YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (these YouTube stats don?t include videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites).

Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month (326,294 years).

Wikipedia hosts 17 million articles.

Wikipedia authors total over 91,000 contributors.

People upload 3,000 images to Flickr (the photo sharing social media site) every minute.

Flickr hosts over 5 billion images.

190 million average Tweets per day occur on Twitter.

Twitter is handling 1.6 billion queries per day.

Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a day.

Google+ has more than 25 million users.

Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days).

(PRWEB UK) 25 October 2012

UCi2i today announces it has partnered with Verrex, a global design-build integrator and managed services provider of conferencing, collaboration and presentation technologies, to deliver a complete and fully support video conferencing network and video end-point management service.

Supported by UCi2i, Verrex will offer subscription based Virtual Meeting Rooms; point-to-point video communication services for desktop, meeting room and telepresence; B2B and B2C private dialing; monitoring and support; and concierge services for conferencing. UCi2i?s services are fully supported globally over a secure network and the cloud.

“UCi2i deliver services through channel only with the sole focus of making video the new voice” added Mr. Jim Rowland, UCi2i Managing Director – APAC. “I?m delighted to have partnered with Verrex who share the same focus on customer service and dedication to quality as UCi2i. Together we are able to complement each other and deliver true, seamless, one-stop-shop solutions in visual collaboration.?

“UCi2i stands out with its comprehensive offerings, robust infrastructure, and top-tier customer service” said Mr. Edolo, Verrex Director of Global Managed Services. “More importantly, we have begun using UCi2i?s services for our own internal videoconferencing infrastructure needs ? with stellar results. UCi2i offers a superior service that Verrex can truly stand behind and confidently sell ? we use it ourselves.?

About UCi2i

UCi2i is the world?s first global, independent and vendor agnostic Video Managed Services Provider headquartered in Hong Kong and London. Founded in 2009, UCi2i enables you to communicate face to face, through secure and high definition video, wherever you are. For more information on UCi2i, visit http://www.UCi2i.com.

About Verrex

Founded in 1947, Verrex designs, integrates, services and supports conferencing and collaboration systems globally that allow companies to communicate and collaborate through video conferencing and other audio visual technologies. Verrex?s approach is driven by a proprietary quality-management process and focus on documentation to deliver consistency and best-in-class standards across an entire enterprise. Led by full-service offices in key corporate hubs, Verrex has built an allied network across 40 countries to share its vision of exceptional integration and support services worldwide. For information, visit verrex.com.

Verrex, the Verrex Logo and GMS are registered trademarks of Verrex Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries.

Media Contact:

Sally Crimes, Head of Group Marketing


Phone: +44 844 546 7006

Email: sally.crimes(at)uci2i(dot)com

Theresa Hahn, Director of Marketing & Business Development


Phone: +1 908 664 8391

Email: thahn(at)verrex(dot)com

Bronx, NY (PRWEB) September 30, 2012

These two services are called the Social Media Mentor and Social Media Magician and will provide ongoing one-on-one coaching for clients so they can get their message and story to their ideal customers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Sus4Media will provide foundational guidance to the business owner during monthly calls and weekly educational webinars.

This service will not only optimize the business owners? social media presence, it will provide them with a maximum return on their investment of both time and money. A small monthly fee will provide them with access to social media experts who will show them how to use the free tools available to them to gain more followers and fans, run promotions and build a presence in just a few minutes each day.

The Social Media Mentor package will provide: