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Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide were riveted to their screens watching the 2013 World Championship series and now that the victory parade is over, many are still amazed at the athlete?s ability to recover between games. For those wondering what the team’s athletic trainers used, John Brown and Miya Haag, the founders of the Pepsom Group actually created one of the secret weapons used – their product Pepsom Sports, the Original Sport Soak which helped with the team’s recovery during those grueling battles and even now, as they recuperate more leisurely. After all, Jay Sabol, head athletic trainer of this former 2012 Championship team had called the Pepsom Group’s corporate office in the midst of the Eastern Conference finals to order about a dozen cases of their product. Brown and Haag were ecstatic, wanting to help with their hometown team?s recovery and believed that another win would bring awareness of the many benefits of their magnesium-sulfate (Epsom salt)


Most viewers of sports events seldom remember that athletic trainers are behind most athletes, and they also deserve standing ovations for keeping their athletes able to perform at their peak. Their job is to protect their health and help them recover quickly from injuries, aching muscles, strains, bruising, and cramps by administering customized treatments. An athlete?s condition and recovery often determines their ability meet their goals, times, performance, and may even affect an entire season.

Hydrotherapy (water therapy) relieves discomfort, promotes physical well-being and is often the foundation of recovery in addition to other treatments. Knowing the key benefits of soaking, Brown and Haag developed this refreshing blend specifically for athletes, weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts of all ages not to mention everyday consumers, as it can be found in the first aid sections of many national retail chains due to Brown?s 30 years of retailer relationships.

When Sabol had called weeks ago to rush another order, Brown loaded up cases normally set aside for investors and made a personal delivery to the American Airlines Arena. Dropping off there is always inspirational because the team’s receptionists and security personnel wear mini-versions of the team?s Championship rings, gifts from their thoughtful team owner. This time Sabol came out to greet and thank the founders. After wishing him and the team the best of luck, Brown and Haag promised to deliver even more cases the following week, which they did.

The trainer?s predecessor Ron Culp has been in the NBA for a record 37 years, the past 20 years with this winning team. He believes in the efficacy of soaking in this magnesium blend and actually recommended the spearmint and wintergreen formula to the company. Culp has since become the company?s Ambassador in order to educate the younger athletic trainers in both professional and collegiate sports about the benefits of soaking in this blend. Culp said ?All I know is, it works!?

Most coaches and athletes know that recovery normally involves soaking, either in ice baths and/or hot tubs of steaming water ? sometimes alternating between the two temperatures. The company wants to spread the word to all trainers and the public. Brown said, ?Magnesium sulfate soaks are known to soothe muscle soreness, reduce swelling, and calm the nervous system.? (The mineral) magnesium is the second most prevalent element in human cells and helps regulate over 325 enzymes, aids in muscle control, electrical impulses between cells, energy production and even the elimination of harmful toxins from the body. (1) Epsom Salt Council

The day after this team won the 2013 World Championship, Culp called Brown and Haag to let them know that he?d just left their training facility where two of the Big Three were soaking in the huge tubs filled with 20 lbs. of this magnesium soak and wished he could have taken that shot. They are in good company. Besides the consumers that know about Pepsom Sports, coaches and athletes such as Gary Uribe of San Jose State (formerly at Auburn University) and Adam Wright of UCLA – 3rd most veteran in the U.S. Olympics Water Polo soak in it regularly to revitalize aching muscles and ease strains. Wright even brought it to London for the team. The Pepsom Group?s blended concept for first aids has revived the entire magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) market, and delivers soothing relief to a multiple of ailments. Now that the secret is out, next year?s playoffs may be even more of a challenge because the competitors will likely also be experiencing the many benefits of this soaking aid.

The Company was pleased to provide this secret weapon to the 2013 World Championship team and would like to thank their athletic trainers for helping the team to accomplish this incredible back-to-back win.

About the Company: The Pepsom Group Inc. is a diverse manufacturer and marketer of health and wellness products, Recipient of ?Emerging Business of the Year? (Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce?s Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdDZJCpTvbw ), Best in Class, Top 100 Minority Businesses, based in Miami Florida since 2007, the company is committed to the provision of affordable, beneficial health and wellness products for all through major retail chains such as Walgreens, Supervalu, Kroger, and more. For information, visit Pepsom.com and visit us on Facebook.

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Boise, ID (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

ClickBank, a digital platform company, announced today the appointment of Glenn T. Michael as its new Chief Financial Officer. He brings more than three decades of experience overseeing financial strategy, management and reporting for businesses from startups to global companies valued at over $ 200 million. Mr. Michael will lead the company?s financial objectives including budgetary planning and cost management of strategic investments and business activities needed for the next accelerated growth phase.

?Glenn is well-respected in his field, and it?s a pleasure to welcome him to the ClickBank family,? said Matt Hulett, Chief Executive Officer of ClickBank. ?His vast experience in early and late stage technology businesses is a real boon to our company. His knowledge ensures that we?ll have the right financial controls in place to support new innovations designed to expand our offerings and dramatically increase our customer base.?

Mr. Michael most recently served as the CFO for consumer products startup, My Dirty Jobs, LLC. Prior to that position, he was a General Partner at Highway 12 Ventures and successfully led three investments for the $ 75 million early stage funding venture capital firm. He has also served as a CFO at Dedicated Devices, Inc., where he directed two funding rounds totaling $ 8.5M for the technology startup, and at SCP Global Technologies, Inc., a privately held semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

?ClickBank, and its world-class team, has successfully built a strong digital platform for information product vendors, affiliated marketers and consumers,? said Mr. Michael. ?I look forward to supporting and developing ClickBank?s strategies for innovation and business operations that will drive our future growth.?

Mr. Michael is the second C-level executive hire in the past two months, and follows the recent appointment of Mr. Hulett as CEO in May. ClickBank is rapidly transforming its business and organization in order to expand on its market-leading platform in the digital products space.

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ClickBank (http://www.clickbank.com) is a digital platform company offering a compelling suite of tools that has already helped more than 12,000 people create, manage, promote and sell e-books, audio tracks, videos and more through dedicated websites. Collectively, users of ClickBank?s platform have built a portfolio of over 60,000 digital products across thousands of niches that teach others a spectrum of skills?from decorating cakes or wine-making to starting your own catering business or building a chicken coop. ClickBank is consistently ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites on the web, generating about 30,000 digital transactions a day across more than 190 countries. ClickBank, a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc., was founded in 1998 and is based in Boise, ID.

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